Huddart Park Archery Range
Maintained by: King’s Mountain Archers, Inc.
Safety Rules and Range Policies

  1. No crossbows, broadheads, BB guns, paintball guns, firearms or throwing of knives. (ARCHERY EQUIPMENT ONLY)…
  2. No smoking…
  3. Safety is the number one goal on the archery range.
  4. No high draws. Unsafe, archers will be asked to leave and if necessary San Mateo County Park Rangers will be called. No horse play on the range.
  5. Children must have adult supervision.
  6. Shooting is permitted ONLY when:
    a. All persons are behind the shooting line;
    b. Safe shooting conditions exist, and
    c. The “All Clear” signal is given.
  7. Never nock an arrow when archers are down range retrieving arrows.
  8. All the trails are “One Way”. Always follow the trails. Never backtrack and no cross country travel.
  9. Archers must shoot from the designated stakes and only at the designated targets. For example:
    Do not stand at the shooting stakes for #15 and shoot the #16 target. On the practice range there will be no cross lane shooting, shoot at the target directly in front of your position.
  10. When looking for arrows lean a bow against the target face or have someone stand in front of the target.
  11. No group shall hold up another group while looking for arrows.
  12. Please be courteous to other people and do not make them wait while you shoot too many arrows.
  13. No unauthorized targets on the range (Including 3-D, foam or cube targets).
  14. No shooting at any animals and do not shoot arrows into the trees.
  15. No dogs or pets allowed.

By Order of:
San Mateo County Parks Department 650-851- 1210
Kings Mountain Archers, Inc. 650-241- 8440 (message only)