Coming up via Woodside Rd.

  1. Go south/west on Woodside Road for 1.5 miles past I-280.
  2. Turn right onto Kings Mountain road. After 2.2 miles, you will see the entrance sign to Huddart Park (keep going past the sign).
  3. The entrance to the archery range is 2.3 miles past the Huddart Park entrance. It is a brown colored gate across a gravel road on the right-hand side of the road.
  4. If you reach Skyline Blvd., you've gone too far.

Coming down via Skyline Blvd.

  1. Get onto Skyline Blvd., heading south (north) from Hwy 92 (from La Honda Rd.)
  2. Turn left (right) onto Kings Mountain Rd.
  3. The entrance to the archery range is 0.7 miles down from Skyline Blvd. It is a brown colored gate across a gravel road on the left-hand side of the road-- gate H11.
  4. If you reach the main entrance to Huddart Park, you've gone too far.

For your convenience, we provide a browsable map which you can use to find your way to our range from your particular location.

Parking along side Kings Mountain Road is available for nonmember visitors with a walk-in of about one hundred yards. Parking inside the gated range is available for members and their invited guests.