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The KMA Range

Our Range (capital "R" to denote the whole area, including the shooting ranges) is located in Huddart County Park, in San Mateo County, California. There, it is nestled on the eastern slopes of a small mountain range; the terrain is "hilly," not "mountainous." The Range features the following areas and facilities, of which the field & practice ranges are open to the public. Below is a brief description of each feature, followed by a clickable map of the area.

Field Range

  • The course consists of 28 targets, arranged in two loops of 14 targets each (see the map below).
  • Course layout accommodates continuous full course shooting, or enables archers to safely enter and exit the range between loops.
  • Spacious limb- and string-friendly bow racks are provided at each target position.
  • Trails and targets are well marked, spaced and inspected in accordance with NFAA safety and field range competition guidelines (i.e. it is an NFAA certified four-star field range).
  • Canyon walls and slopes provide a safe and soft natural backstop.
  • Footbridges span a stream that channels its way down a central canyon.
  • Range wildlife includes acorn woodpeckers, chickadees, black-tailed deer, raccoons, gray squirrels, and the San Francisco garter snake, an endangered species.

Practice Range

  • Flat warm up area is great for "sighting in" and honing archery skills.
  • Has a fixed shooting line for selected distances ranging from 10 to 60 yards.
  • Backstops made of suspended rubber conveyer belting help contain missed arrows within practice area.
  • "Kids' Corner" is great for fundamental instruction of young beginners.

Kid's Corner

One end of the practice range is canted away from the rest of it to provide a separate area for fundamental instruction of beginners and a fun place to shoot for youngsters.

Picnic Area

The area has several wood tables with benches for enjoying a picnic lunch, as well as a couple of BBQ grills to cook something tasty. And of course, there's a bow rack handy to stow your gear while you eat.

Parking Area

The gated parking lot for members and guests provides convenient parking and close access to all facilities at the Range. Limited parking is available for non-member visitors along side King's Mountain Road, with a walk-in of about one hundred yards.


Members have access to Park-maintained full-service restrooms.


Members have access to the clubhouse, which provides a place to hang out with plenty of comfy seating as well as a countertop upon which to do a some quick equipment maintenance or add up scores.

Click on targets and shooting positions to see details.

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