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About KMA

Founded in 1956, King’s Mountain Archers, Inc. is a California non-profit corporation, chartered " foster competition with bow and arrow, practice for hunting with the bow, and to provide personal enjoyment of the sport of archery." What that means is that we're an archery club--a group of archery-lovin' folks who like to get together and have some fun with the sport.

In particular, we're a field archery club--affiliated with the NFAA at the national level, with the CBH/SAA at the state level, and with the Mission Trails Bowhunters Association (MTBA) locally (see our links page for links to most of those organizations). Our membership contains both bowhunters and target shooters; we're a non-discriminatory organization.

We're not an archery shop

Although you may frequently find our members enjoying the Range, we maintain no staff on it (full-time or otherwise). We also do not have equipment for loan or rent: bring your own equipment, please. Archery shops on the Peninsula may be located through links on our links page.

Our Range

We maintain an area in Huddart County Park in Woodside, CA that contains two shooting ranges. In exchange for this service, the San Mateo County Parks Department gives us certain useage rights, such as vehicle access to the area through a locked gate. Except during official club events, such as our monthly club tournament held the second Sunday of every month, or range maintenance activities, the practice and field ranges are open to the public during normal Park hours (basically sunrise to sunset--no shooting when it's too dark). Even when we're holding our tournaments, the public is welcome to use the practice range. Guests are also welcome to shoot with us during the tournaments (there's a nominal fee to do so).


Once you have had the opportunity to shoot the range, and to talk with some of our members you might have met on the practice range, consider becoming a member of KMA yourself. Dues are nominal, and are our primary means of funding range maintenance.

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